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Life of Brian
20 most recent entries

Date:2005-11-24 07:58
Subject:Oh boy, I'm unlucky!

Happy Thanksgiving! Good morning, friends! So, as you may know, it's snowing out like crazy in good ole Amherst right now. Rolled out of bed, showered, listened to Dido, marveled at weight gain, packed my bags, and walked over to Gorman to hop in my maroon Mitsubishi rent-a-car and drive away home. The car has no snow scraper inside, so I use the latest copy of the Chronicle of Higher Education newspaper to do the trick. The heater's on full blast, and so is Fiona Apple. I purposefully made sure the doors were unlocked while I cleaned the snow off. Well, to my angry chagrin, once I tried to get back into the car after cleaning it, it was locked! Butterfield Terrace hasn't heard that much cursing since... well, probably yesterday. I placed a call into College Street Motors 15 minutes ago... waiting for a call to receive here in the cluster office. I can't call my family, as my cell phone is in the car, uncharged. :) I have great luck.

Hmm, let's see -- I saw "Rent" last night with Pam, Kamala, and Stephanie. It was enjoyable, but it was like going to a concert with friends who know all the words to every song. It was the first time I have been the production, so it was good to take it all in.

Well, that's all I have for you -- as Charlie from College Street just called. Happy Thanksgiving! There's more to come later!

"No day but today."

:) BK

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Date:2005-05-20 18:37
Subject:Goodbye, roommate...

It Sours Charlie: i wonder if he's like Mary Poppins

It Sours Charlie: gracing people with only one year of good roommateship to show you what a good roommate is like

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Date:2005-05-19 18:38

Going to see Alison Krauss and Union Station tonight at the Mullins Center!  Woo!

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Date:2005-05-19 08:54
Mood: amused

...from the Adbusters LJ community.

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Date:2005-05-17 22:34

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Date:2005-05-16 15:26
Mood: quixotic

So, today just proved that I really shouldn't be left alone for long periods of time. I'll remove the BK crown and replace it with King of Lethargy. It's so bad. When I'm left alone, I space out for a long time, end up singing to Lucinda Williams, read, fall asleep, read, don't shower, pace around the apartment. Truly, it's a sad sight. My room's clean. So there.

I need to escape.

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Date:2005-05-09 23:08
Mood: curious

Because I'm feeling lazy, I think I'll copy an IM conversation. Too much excitement going on, I'll tell you.

Krispiechew: what are you up to on this lovely night>?
bygones481: oh my gosh
bygones481: let me tell you a little story
Krispiechew: YES! i loove stories
bygones481: so, all of a sudden i hear a rush of water
bygones481: and it sounded like it was pouring out
bygones481: but it really isn't
bygones481: so -- i look outside
bygones481: and the fire hydrant's busted
Krispiechew: HAHAHAHAHA! thats AMAZING
bygones481: and it's tossing water at an incredible speed about 75 feet
bygones481: something you would see at canobie or something
bygones481: (keeping it local for the honies)
bygones481: so my roomate chris and i go outside
bygones481: to check it out
Krispiechew: HAHAHAHA
bygones481: (like watching a neighborhood fire on "desperate housewives")
bygones481: and all the chicos and chicas are running outside with their bikes and swimwear
bygones481: running all around the street
bygones481: craziness
bygones481: hahahaha
bygones481: but it's all over now
Krispiechew: no way! thats SO COOL! I wanna get in on that shit!

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Date:2005-05-05 13:20
Mood: sick

A new Facebook community for cool kids from Methuen:

This group is for all of the nice honest people who are from Methuen, or pretty much from anywhere in the
universe, who didn't steal a poor old woman's money and pretend that it was a buried treasure that was randomly found under a tree, and then proceed to go on Good Morning America and other TV shows to flaunt what they stole!! HOW STUPID CAN YOU BE?!?!?!

Off to Bergen County Academies in Hackensack, NJ for a fair tonight. Last out of state college fair. New Jersey... I will miss you so.

Patty Griffin was phenomenal last night -- highlights: "Makin' Pies", "Tears of a Clown", "Long Ride Home"... and experiencing it all with Jess. Loved it.

Art Party on Saturday. Theme is FASHION. What to wear??? Suggestions welcome.

Talk to you all later.

In the meantime, check out this article. Impressions?


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Date:2005-05-02 13:43
Mood: buggin'

Off to West Orange, New Jersey (one of the Oranges where Zach "Garden State" Braff is from) for a college fair:

Then to Hebew Academy of the Five Towns and Rockaway tomorrow night:

HAFTR High School

Looks fun, huh? 

Enjoy your week, everybody.

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Date:2005-05-02 09:08

"And I never want to be your little friend, the abject failure..."

-- Of Montreal, "So Begins Our Alabee"



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Date:2005-04-26 20:38
Mood: aggravated

I like journal entries with pictures.  Makes them fun.

Just bought two tickets for next Wednesday's Patty Griffin concert at the Calvin Theater -- do you want to go, too?  Seats are in the N row on the right hand side near the center aisle.  As of tonight, there were plenty of seats in that area.  Let me know!

I need to write a letter of resignation.  Haven't done that before.  Last official day at work = May 25, 2005.  Negotiations are in place for a different summer position... to be finalized tomorrow.

I am tired.  I wasn't earlier.  I was on-call today.  That exhausts me.  And thinking about writing papers.  I like writing short sentences.  Can't you tell?  Leaving Mather to watch the "Race".  Goodnight, friends.

"I was born to laugh
I've learned to laugh through my tears
I was born to love
I'm gonna learn to love without fear.
...We've seen the landfill rainbow
We've seen the junkyard of love
And baby, it's no place for you and me."

-- Over the Rhine, "Born"


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Date:2005-04-26 13:02
Mood: mischievous

The long-lost buried bills may be worth more than $100,000.

Pair digs up buried hoard in Methuen

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Date:2005-04-22 20:51
Subject:If you'd like to come along, I'll be yours for a song...
Mood: contemplative

Cheers from the District of Columbia. This entry is seriously costing me 69 cents per minute.

Good things:

-- Success at the Maryland NACAC fair.

-- Sleeping in.

-- Hearing that the Open Houses have gone swimmingly.

-- Getting hit on my several men in the neighborhood (hey, it's DuPont Circle in DC... what can I say?) and by an 8th grade girl who stopped dead in her tracks earlier and said that I had nice eyes. Random.

-- Reading Shederick's articles for 6 hours today, completing the reading load for the week.

-- Excited about the Youth Pride College Fair tomorrow. In this hotel, so I get to just walk downstairs. It's like a RAP. Dork.

-- Traipsing around Chevy Chase and Bethesada, MD with Reginald (and getting lost in the process).

-- The newest OF MONTREAL album, "The Icelandic Twins."

-- The April/May edition of PASTE magazine is out! With a great sampler!

-- Hanging out with Jimmy and his friends from Catholic U -- so delighted I got to attend a "dinner party" in DC.

-- Walking around the city until my ankles hurt and enjoying every minute of it. (And we know how much I walk now, folks.)

I can go into a bunch of Debbie Downers right now, so I won't. This trip has been quite memorable -- and it's not over yet! Returning to MA Monday afternoon. Back to reality.

Love all of you.


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Date:2005-04-08 22:31
Subject:Holy shit! There's a company in my back! What does that mean?

Dear Janet and Jess,

Hi friends over in 14 CV!  Check out this week's installment of NPR's "All Songs Considered" -- it features two live, full-length concerts from Wilco and Interpol (among others). 

Interpol concert

Wilco concert

I think you'll like it.  Time to go home now.



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Date:2005-04-07 22:25
Mood: fucking tired


Musicianship at its best:  check out Andrew Bird's live performance on KCRW.org.  Genius.



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Date:2005-04-07 08:58
Subject:Do you realize... aaaaaahhhhh ahhhhhhhhhh aaaaaahhhhhhh?
Mood: accomplished

Random thoughts for the day:

-- Several times a week people ask me if I've been tanning. Hmm. There's no sexy way to say that I'm nervous, stressed out, or have high blood pressure. I think it's time to make up some better stories.

-- I got an A in my group presentation in Shederick's class last week. Woot.

-- I had a bonding moment with an older woman in my Race class yesterday -- as we talked for a while, we both were shocked to find out that the other was gay. Then we shared a hug. It was great.

-- I denied a whole lot of people today.

-- I will be in the office until I finish a paper for my Spirituality seminar -- so I guess I don't be able to go to the "Public Intellectual" or "Downlow" lectures. Bummer.

-- Beck's "Sea Change" is really sad.

-- I will be out of my office for TWO WEEKS straight! Today's the last day of sitting in this chair for a while.

-- Lots of work to do, over and out.

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Date:2005-04-06 11:47
Subject:Traffic on the bridge!
Mood: busy as all hell!

Wow, on-call is super-fun today!

It's totally like the Capital One commercial -- saying "no" to everyone. Haha. It's invigorating, in a weird sort of way. Respect UMass Amherst. That's right, son.

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Date:2005-04-05 13:00
Subject:Car wheels on a gravel road...
Mood: full

"It’s just the car that we ride in
A home we reside in
The face that we hide in
The way we are tied in
And life carries on and on and on and on
Life carries on and on and on..."
-- Peter Gabriel, "I Grieve"

I woke up this morning with the second half of this song -- which is much more bouncier than the first.
Feeling like spring today. Thank God.

Just checking in before a 1:15 meeting to do our finalx5 read to get all of the decisions out to the class of 2009. I've been changing music/art/dance majors all day and following up with phone calls -- I feel like I'm too serious or too focused when I'm here now. I really do enjoy all the people I work with, but I can't stand to linger around and whine. Can't do it. Anyway -- ECC and I signed up to be "Usssshhhhaaaahhhh's" at Commencement in May. Look out!

I feel like I'm on vacation now in my office because there are no files to read. It's a great feeling. Out of here at 5 today (that's what I'd like to think, anyway) because I need to write a paper synthesizing a 350-page book and 4 theory articles. Woot. Bring on the coffee. I really really do need to do this for tomorrow's class, so that Shederick doesn't think that I'm a total slacker.

But -- I have the Spirituality seminars on Saturday and Sunday... and that needs a paper, too. Only one more article to read for that, so feeling on track.

Eh, lots to do! And turn 24! Hahaha. Too much. Listening to Lucinda Williams right now -- she's one of my all-time favorite songwriters. I was bummed last night when I realized that my music collection looks like everything they sell in Starbucks. Does that make me cool? Or back to mainstream? Why does Starbucks have to see Beck, John Legend, Jem, and Madeleine Peyroux? Haha. Oh well.

Have a good day friends!

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Date:2005-04-01 17:26
Mood: serendipitous!

Andale, juta! Your popsicles melting!

Delerium has set in. Time for alcohol. And sleep.

Got offered an ARD position yesterday en route to Long Island (or, as ECC calls it, the POBJFKHS). Where the kids yell at their parents. And where they're all rich but ALLLLL ask for academic scholarships. Love it.

Got offered the assistantship for GLBT Cocerns as well today. That would be great. But no housing. Maybe later.

Got milk?

Got scared half to death last night as I was about to leave exit 10's McDonalds rest-stop on 95. After eating a quarter pounder (and feeling guilty about it), there was a TAP TAP TAP on the car. I almost shat myself. Downpouring. Dark. Rest stop. Connecticut. But -- it was Johnny, who was also doing a college fair along the LIE. We met again in Hartford, where we beeped at each other and sped all the way home, hoping not to hydroplane. Bed never felt so great.

Not done file reading yet. Lots of reading to do for Shederick's class and for Katja's weekend seminar. Looking forward to it.

Ok, over and out.

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Date:2005-03-31 13:09
Mood: buggin'

Hitting the road to go here:

While listening to this on repeat:


Can't wait to attend this in the morning:



Later, friends


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